Art for Ukraine

Art for Ukraine


Some of your favorite artists are joining hands to host this fundraiser in this time of desperate need for the people of Ukraine. Artists have donated their work in an effort to encourage more donations. We want to shine some light in these dark times. All the funds raised will be donated to Razom for Ukraine (, a wonderful non-profit that has been providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians. This fundraiser ended March, 20th, 2022. You can still donate directly to Razom for Ukraine.

Please visit Art for Ukraine and check out the art that was donated by the participating artists and please check out their website for more amazing art!

Artists contributing to this fundraiser:

Ærica DiPonzio - Oberon Ocarinas

Autumn Aslakson - Aslakson Pottery

Carla Bank - Carla Bank

Courtney Denise Lipson - Micro Mosaics

Darcy Horn - Darcy Horn Beadwork

Don Widmer - Don Widmer Paper Arts

Elfried Somberg - Unusual Earrings

James Parker - Parker Parker Design Photography

Jen Loberg - Scarred for Life

Jody Ochs - Jody Ochs Design

Jonathan Franklin - Jonathan Franklin Art

Julie Billups - Silverfish Designs

Karla Hackman - Karla Hackman Designs

Kristin Perkins - Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

Lavanya Challa - Lavanya Challa Art

Lucile Martin - Lucile Martin Jewelry

Mark & Patti Mohrenweiser - Beyond Letters

Mark & Wendy Zoschke - Vetro Caldo Designs

Megan Horan - Megan’s Jewelry Box

Melissa Banks - Rapt in Maille

Michelle Detering - Michelle Detering Art

Nevenah Smith - Nevenah Smith Designs

Serena David - Don David Designs

Susan Frawley

Vinnie Sutherland - Vinnie Sutherland

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