Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength is a series of portrait paintings that captures the essence of Indian women and the vital roles played by our family and friends as sources of strength and support. These paintings depict contemporary Indian women in various aspects of their lives. The paintings focus on the strong bonds we share with our family members and friends and highlight the significant role played by these relationships in our journey. Some of the artwork in the series tells a distinct story of the interplay between tradition and modernity, showing how we are shaped by our cultural heritage while simultaneously embracing the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

The use of vibrant colors, evocative imagery, and a thoughtful blend of tradition and modernity in the composition make these paintings both visually captivating and emotionally resonant. I am using a Madhubani style of background & Kalighat style of thick lines in these paintings, as a means to highlight a couple of the traditional folk art from India, combining it with my unique technique of piping acrylic paint to create exciting textures. Through this series, I aim to celebrate the strength and resilience of Indian women and honor the individuals who provide unwavering support in our lives.

Eternal Grace: A South Indian Bride's Inner Strength, 40" x 40"
In the luminous tapestry of South Indian culture, the image of a bride emerges as a symbol of beauty and resilience. Eternal Grace captures the essence of a South Indian bride as she embodies the profound concept of inner strength. The bride stands as a symbol of tradition, the bridal attire resplendent in the rich colors of the region. Her saree, the jewels, the flowers, serves as a visual narrative of her cultural heritage. The henna adorns her hands - an ancient symbol of love and protection. Yet, it is not merely the opulent attire that defines her. It is her inner strength, a strength that is rooted deeply in the traditions and values of South India. She is a woman who is ready to embark on a new chapter of her life, facing the unknown with unwavering courage. Inside her is the strength that enables her to embrace change and embrace it with grace. 
Matriarch of Reflection: The Wise Confidante, 36" x 24"

Within the warm embrace of each family's love, there stands an elderly woman whose quiet strength and wisdom resonate with the ages. Matriarch of Reflection is a portrayal of an older South Indian woman who plays the pivotal role of a confidante to her family, guiding them with her profound insights and unwavering support. The painting captures a moment of contemplation in the matriarch's life, her saree is a tapestry of tradition, a symbol of the heritage passed down through generations. She is the repository of wisdom, the listener of secrets, and the source of unconditional love. She is the compass that guides family members through the complexities of life, offering counsel that is steeped in experience and boundless compassion.


Silent Blooms - Painting of a South Indian Widow


Silent Blooms: Unspoken Fortitude, 36" x 24"

Amidst vibrant flowers, the elderly South Indian widow in 'Silent Blooms' symbolizes unseen strength within sorrow. Clad in a simple saree, devoid of jewelry, bindi, flowers on her hair, her reflective gaze reveals a nuanced journey of grief and resilience. The flowers that surround her are not mere symbols of transient beauty; they are affirmations of enduring spirit—a testament to the unspoken fortitude that becomes a source of strength for herself and the world she touches. In a moment of profound sadness, I hope the painting captures the enduring spirit that not only sustains the individual but becomes a source of quiet strength for those touched by her unspoken resilience.

New works will be added here as I create them. As always, I appreciate your feedback!


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