Bala Thiagarajan, Ph. D


Born and brought up in Chennai, India, I have a passion for colors and patterns that are inspired by the Indian culture. I started my art career when I combined the techniques of henna body art, kolams & rangolis, to create free-hand textured paintings in 2010 and began exhibiting them in 2012.
I use small piping bags & squeeze bottles to form dots & lines with acrylic paints on canvas. My works of henna-inspired designs - mandalas, florals, animals & abstracts are my attempt to capture the ephemeral nature of everyday art forms onto more enduring surfaces. 
I paint intuitively and the symmetry of the paintings comes from a meditative practice of organic repetition, with the finished pieces full of rhythm and color. Though my paintings are painted freehand, my background in mathematics & drawing kolams provide the structure for my artwork. I challenge myself to create mandalas / florals with varying vortices alluding to the complexity of their geometric construction.
The intense repetition of pattern in my paintings captures the attention of the viewers while simultaneously creating an excitement to explore more of the texture and geometry. My paintings are harmonious in their patterns, uplifting and engaging with their vibrant colors and open to individual interpretation & discovery by the viewers.


I work from my home studio in Arvada, CO.