Paintings on Silk

Paintings on Silk

As most of my canvas paintings have an iridescent background, I am always asked if the painting is on silk. In my artist statement I talk about how the colors of my paintings are influenced by the luminous glow of silk sarees worn by women in South India. After ruminating over the idea for more than a year, here’s my painting of a textured henna-style acrylic Peacock Painting on silk mounted on 1.5” deep wooden panel. The silk used here is an old silk saree that is no longer wearable and graciously given by a friend. 

Though this peacock is a first, I have one more peacock and a festival elephant also in the works, I am creating this series of paintings on silk with a specific purpose of giving back to the South Asian community - all profit from the sale of paintings on silk sarees will go towards supporting South Asian individuals & families suffering from domestic violence and emotional abuse. 

The three non-profits that will be supported through these paintings are Apna Ghar - based in Chicago, an organization we have supported in the past, Raksha - based in Atlanta & introduced to me by a collector, & AFSSA - based in Austin & supporting the Texas Asian community. 

Got an unused silk saree or blouse material? I would love to use them for this project! 

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