Peacock on Red & Gold Silk


As most of my canvas paintings have an iridescent background, I am always asked if the painting is on silk. Here’s my latest painting of a Textured henna-style acrylic Peacock Painting on silk mounted on 1.5” deep wooden panel. The silk used here is an old silk saree that is no longer wearable. This painting is amazingly iridescent - blue on one side and reddish blue on the other side, creating a sense that he is dancing as you walk by! 

I am working on this series of paintings on silk with a specific purpose of giving back to the South Asian community - all profit from the sale of paintings on upcycled silk sarees will go towards supporting South Asian individuals & families suffering from domestic violence and emotional abuse. Read more

Original One of a kind painting created with a unique technique on upcycled silk saree. Colors are iridescent & pop based on the angle of the light. There is glitter in the peacock feathers that add to the drama and movement of the painting. 

Size 18” x 24”